How to Add User to Google Analytics & Search Console

Giving a web developer permissions to work on your Google accounts


How to give a developer access to your Google Analytics & Console without giving away your login


Follow these easy steps to add admins & users to your Google Analytics and Search Console for your WordPress website.
If KsenGo SEO is doing work on your WordPress website, you will definitely need to do this.

Step 1 - Add User in Google Analytics

Log In to your Google Analytics, and pick the site you want to add users in the left top corner.

Click on ADMIN in the bottom left corner.

Navigate to User Management in the 2nd Column

Click the circular PLUS sign to add a new user.

Add the user's (developer's or coworker's) email, select the appropriate permissions, and don't forget to click ADD.

If you want this admin to be able to make changes to your Analytics, check EDIT. (BOTH READ & ANALYZE or COLLABORATE will be selected)
If you want this admin to be able to add/delete other users, check MANAGE USERS.
If you want this admin to just read or collaborate, then check either READ & ANALYZE or COLLABORATE.

You are done! The user you just added will receive an invite email, & can start doing work on your WordPress website!



Step 2 - Add User in Google Search Console

Go to your Search Console and select the website(s) you will need to add users to. Click "Manage property"
If you do not have any "properties" yet, then SKIP this step, KsenGo will create it for you.
Note: If you have several versions of your website, you will need to repeat this for every one. (example:,,,

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Click "Add or remove users"

google search console, add or remove users, permissions, ksengo

Click "Add new user".

add new user, google search console, red,ksengo miami

Enter the email of the user you want to add, and give them either FULL or RESTRICTED permission. If you want this admin to be able to work on your Search Console, then select FULL.

add new user, full restricted, google search console, ksengo

All set! Thank you.

Updating your Google Analytics and Search Console as you edit your website is extremely important for SEO updates. Think about it, Google is the one making the rules, you might as well play by them. Analytics and Search Console are Google-made tools that help your site get properly indexed, tracked & found.

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