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How to give a web developer/designer administrator access to your AWS without giving away your login.

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Step 1 - Go to your AWS Management Console, where your website is hosted


Log In to your AWS Management Console.
This is the screen you should see.

Step 2 - Click on Services


You should see a large drop down menu, like so:



Step 3 - Go to IAM


Type "IAM" and you should see an option automatically come up underneath called "IAM - Manage Users and Encryption Keys". Click on it.

Step 4 - Create your 1st user


This is your Identity and Access Management dashboard.
At the top you should see a link called "IAM users sign-in link:" This is the link your user will go to, in order to login.
This link is unique for each AWS account.

To create your 1st user, click on Users. If you never created users before, it will say "Users: 0"

Step 5 - Add User


If you never created a user before, this table will be empty.
Click on "Add user"



Step 6 - Enter User Name, Password


Create a "User name". The name cannot have spaces, and must be a string.
Select "Access Type". For my clients I recommend a simple password login.
Select "Console password". Here you can select if (a) amazon auto-generates a user password, or (b) you create your own password. Make sure to save this password for your own records.
Uncheck/Check "Require password reset". Uncheck this if you don't require your user to reset their password.

Click "Next: Permissions"

Step 7 - Create a group


On the next screen you will be prompted to add the user to a group.
If you never created groups before, click "Create Group"
To add user to existing group, select the group from the list, and click "Add User to Group" up on top.

Step 8 - Settings for the group


On the next screen, give your group a name, for example "Contractors".
Check the 1st box called "AdministratorAccess" - this option provides full access to AWS services and resources for the user you are creating.
If you want to limit your user's access to only certain parts of your account, contact KsenGo to help you choose the right option.

Click "Create group"

Step 9 - Select your group


On this screen, your newly created group is checked.
Make sure "Add User To group" button is selected at the top.

Click "Next: Tags"



Step 10 - Select your group


This is optional. If you have many, many users, it may be helpful to add tags to them, to be able to search for them.
Leave blank otherwise.

Click "Next: Review"

Step 11 - Review user credentials


Review user credentials. You can go back and change them if necessary.

Click "Create user"



Step 12 - Success screen. Send the login info to your user


You should see this screen below pop up.
It is now time to send your user her login credentials...

Click "Send email"



Step 13 - Send the email and give your user the password


AWS automatically generates the email below.
It contains the username and the login link.
It does NOT contain the password.
You can either insert the password somewhere in the email, or give it to your user verbally. Go with your safest route.



You are all set!

You just created a new username and password for your contractors to log into your AWS account.

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