Renegade Club 2019 Catalog Design & Re-Branding Project

re-branded 2019 Renegade fabric logos

renegade 3d fleece branding logo, square purple squares
renegade coarse weave fleece branding logo, square purple loops knot
renegade power stretch fleece branding logo, square purple grid fabric arrows
renegade north shore fleece branding logo, square purple mountain wind
renegade nantucket fleece branding logo, square purple lighthouse N waves
renegade burn out burnout fleece, branding logo, square purple
renegade corded fleece, branding logo, square purple lines

The Renegade 2019 catalog project was a significant improvement over the previous years' catalogs. Prepared just in time for distribution at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift show in September, it was also a powerful move for Renegade's branding strategy. Notice the synchronized logos, display & page accents, which also resonate with the website.

As opposed to the simplistic layout of the 2018 & 2017 catalogs, the 2019 version packs interactive features to engage the wholesale buyer. We invested loads of time photographing models wearing best-selling Renegade styles. Most importantly, we made sure every new 2019 style is featured on a model with a full or half-page spread. Behind this comprehensive & beautiful piece of print marketing are hundreds of hours or work...
To start off, this project culminates an arduous 5 month garment development process & introduces the 2019 line to the wholesale clientele. Fabrics, body styles, colors, specs, price points have been carefully chosen to reach 2019 sales goals. Furthermore, dozens of photography, airbrushing, photoshopping hours embellish the catalog. Lastly, I oversaw the print production process to ensure timeliness & accuracy.

Photoshop & Retouch process

garment photoshop process, retouching, branding, renegade club jacket
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